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♦ ​​Is marriage important in Islam?

♦ What should a person do if she is not able to marry?

♦ What should be given priority while selecting a husband?

♦ Can parents of a girl refuse a proposal from a good Muslim on the basis that the man is not of the same race/caste?

♦ What Islam says about love before marriage?

♦ Which kind of marriage is best?

♦ Can parents force a girl to marry against her wish?

♦ Upon whom lies the decision for marriage?

♦ Are you allowed to see the man who proposes to you?

♦ Can the fiancé meet each other in private?

♦ Can a man asks for a girl who is already engaged to another man?

♦ What should the amount of the dowry (Mahr) be?

♦ Should woman give dowry to man in Islam?

♦ What are the responsibilities of bridegroom in relation to marriage?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to marry non-Muslims?

♦ Are Muslim men allowed to marry more than one wife? 

♦ In which situations is polygamy allowed?

♦ Is a Muslim woman allowed to have many husbands?

♦ Which relations are not allowed to marry in Islam?

♦ What are Conditions (Shuroot) of marriage contract?

♦ What are the Arkaans (essential components) of Nikah?

♦ Is marriage valid without a wali?

♦ Who can be a wali?

♦ What are the requirements for a wali?

♦ Should weddings be publicized?

♦ Which is the best place to conduct the marriages?

♦ What has Islam said about the spending on wedding?

♦ Can men and women be mixed at the marriages?

♦ Can we sing and beat tambourine in the wedding?

♦ Some recite Mawlid or Qasida (Naat) in the weddings. Is it allowed?

♦ How should we wish or congratulate the newly married couples?

♦ Is waleemah (Wedding Feast) important?

♦ Who should spend for waleemah?

♦ If we are invited for waleemah, should we accept?

♦ What should we do if the feast is full of haram?



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