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Muslim Women Social Behaviour

♦ ​​How should Muslim women greet each other?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to greet with salaam and shake hands with males?

♦ Are Muslim females allowed to sit with males in privacy?

♦ How should you behave if you happen to leave home out of necessity?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to look at stranger men?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to talk with stranger men?

♦ How should a Muslim woman treat guests at their home?

♦ If you are alone at home and receive male visitors, what should you do?

♦ Some Muslim women feel that these rules do not apply when dealing with non-Muslim males. Is this true?

♦ Are Muslim females allowed to attend aerobic classes, health clubs, massage parlors, gymnasiums, etc. for health purposes?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to participate in sports and games?

♦ Are Muslim women allowed to bath in the beach, rivers, waterfalls and swimming pool?

♦ Is a Muslim female allowed having a boyfriend and is dating allowed in Islam?

♦ Are you allowed to advertise yourself in a “lonely heart” column in a newspaper?

♦ Many Muslim females consult the “Stars” or astrology column in the newspapers to find out what lies ahead of them. Does Islam permit such things?

♦ If a non-Muslim neighbour dies, are the Muslim womenfolk allowed to attend their funeral?

♦ What are the rules for Muslim women who attend Islamic celebrations or festivals?

♦ Females (and males) collect and paste pictures of pop-stars, movie stars, actors, etc. Is this allowed in Islam?

♦ Can a Muslim woman travel without a Mahram?

♦ Can a Muslim woman go for Hajj or Umrah without a Mahram?


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